Devkund Delight: Trekking the Trail of Tranquility

Gear up for an exhilarating escapade through Maharashtra's wilderness to discover the awe-inspiring wonder of Devkund Waterfall! Venture through ancient forests, each stride a thrill of anticipation. Then, as nature's curtain rises, behold the breathtaking reveal—a roaring cascade plunging into a pristine pool, an adrenaline-inducing masterpiece! Plunge into the refreshing waters, feel the exhilarating spray against your skin, and let the sheer excitement of Devkund's splendor captivate your senses. This isn't just a trek; it's a pulse-pounding journey, a rendezvous with adventure that promises unforgettable thrills at every turn.

Monsoon Special Treks
I have trekked twice with plus valley. Experience with Prajakta was awesome. She is a very patient & supportive trek lead. The arrangement was awesome & experience was the best
Pallavi patil
Did K2S night trek last week with plus valley adventure.... It was an awesome experience. I was little worried since we were a family on night trek and safety was on the top most priority. Trek leader Mr Govind and Babaji did fantastic lead and sweep act. The whole group could finish this trail in 6.5 hours. One star less is only for official communication.
Sandeep Kutwal
Been with them for couple of activities & must say boy! they are good at what they do, staff's were professional & courteous, event leads were skilled & soft-spoken, couldn't ask for more. I had lots of fun & awesome time, every time. Thanks again to PVA team for makeing every event memorable & safe, happy to sport with you guys this weekend as well 😀.
Snethil Kumar
Had been the part of K2S trek . Really an awesome experience with great team leaders. Helped everyone negotiate trickh slopes and slippery surfaces. Just one thing, you should arrange transport back to the same place from where the event had started once the trek was done. Apart from that, everything else was good.
Shripad Nadiger
It was an amazing experience with plus valley adventure group for Andarban jungle trail. Team has provided well trained guide with all safety equipment. I would recommend to trek with such professional group.
Raju Pawar
Trek was awesome. Planning and time management was excellent. Lunch was good but too dry. You can provide Tomato sauce with Paratha. Also need to check if there are any ladies who have a last drop or first pickup then good to confirm if thay have reached safely
Ashwini Supekar
One of the best trek. Feels heaven when you stand between four hills. Full of greenery and water bodies. And in the beginning few walls have bouldering for climbing. And all water body has crystal clear water
Kajal Gaikwad
One of the best decisions I have made to join them in K2S trek. Best team lead. They will help you. Amazing experience.
Geetansh Malik